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Cherinda's Art Expressions

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About Me

About Me

Why do I paint?

I have always loved to paint and draw and write, but for the past eleven years, I had got caught up in trying to make a living and that left no time to pursue the desires of my heart.  Through a series of circumstances, it became clear that I needed to pursue these desires and the doors have been opening for me. 
The quote at the bottom of each page is one my husband sent to me and it really spoke to me.  I consider it to be one of the things I held on to during all the changes in these past few years.  The one thing I refuse to do is leave the planet dissatisfied with myself because I did not do what was on my heart to do.  So, I'm doing it and I am much happier with myself and with my life.
The gifts and callings of God are given to us freely, he won't take them back, but it is up to us to use what we have been given.  That is why it is so important to know your purpose, your giftings, your calling.  Knowing those things and using them or doing them, make the difference between making a living and truly living.  If I could wish anything for you, it would be for you to use your talent (whatever that is; and if you don't know, may you find out) so you don't leave the planet dissatisfied with yourself and wondering how much you could have done if you had just tried.

My blog

"I think most people can do a whole awful lot more if they just try. They don't have the confidence they can write a novel or they can write poetry or they can take pictures or paint or whatever, and so they don't do it, and they leave the planet dissatisfied with themselves."    Gordon Parks