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Watercolors (matted and shrinkwrapped)

My watercolors are created using the wet on wet method which allows me freedom to use colors, water, and lines for creating a feeling or an emotion or even painting flowers or scenery.  I love using this medium that allows the flowing expression of colors to be transformed into a work of art.

These watercolors have been matted and shrinkwrapped, which makes them higher priced than the unmatted ones.  The titles, sizes, and prices are below each picture.  You can click on the picture for a closer look. 


Watercolor - 21x28       Painted 2006
Title:  Free To Live       Isaiah 49:16
Price:  $175.00


Watercolor - 15x10       Painted 2002
Title:  Blessings               Malachi 3:10
Price:  $110.00


Watercolor - 19x23        Painted 2006
Title:  Songs of Deliverance   Ps. 32:7
Price:  $175.00


Watercolor - 18x22    Painted 2005
Title:  Purple Flowers
Price:  $150.00


Watercolor - 18x22         Painted 2002
Title:  Distractions           Romans 6:11
Price:  $150.00


Watercolor - 15x19    Painted 1994
Title:  Power  of the Word     
Hebrew 1:3
Price:  $110.00


Watercolor - 21x28     
Painted 2005
Title:  Omnipotent    Psalm 33:11
Price:  $175.00


Watercolor - 15x19     
Painted 2005
Title:  Creation     Revelation 4:11
Price:  $110.00

"I think most people can do a whole awful lot more if they just try. They don't have the confidence they can write a novel or they can write poetry or they can take pictures or paint or whatever, and so they don't do it, and they leave the planet dissatisfied with themselves."    Gordon Parks